Were You Watching New Show: “Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta”?

The premiere of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta was pure ignorance!  For some reason, all reality shows that are coming on television now-a-days are DRAMA!

The women fight over men, who wouldn’t prefer either so he picks NONE.  Then, the women argue with each other about nonsense, cuss, fight, and spit!  I cannot believe that yet another show was based on these criteria.

While watching the show, my mind kept wondering off.  Obviously, the buffoonery that was intended to hold my attention did not work because I was left unimpressed!

For beginners, the cast for the new season was “coincidentally” equal to the members of the last season.  If you watched then you would know that:

  • MiMi = Emily
  • Stevie J. = Fabolous
  • Momma Dee = Momma Jones
  • Lil Scrappy = Jim Jones
  • Erica = Chrissy
  • K. Michelle = Olivia
  • Joseline = Somaya

Now, it is redundant to have a new show with exactly characters!  If we knew any better, the viewers wouldn’t watch because they know how it will all end.

Secondly, the premiere usually sets up the rest of the season.  It will determine if a large amount of viewers will continue to tune in.  (Sadly for me, I probably won’t be watching unless something new and upbeat happens!)  I’ve seen comments about the show and how the characters of both seasons mirror each other, and some viewers have already joined the train to finding another show to watch on Monday nights!

The only piece of the show that was fairly decent, was the Joseline chick.  Or man?  Or whatever she is.

I can already tell that Joseline will be the show’s backbone.  Joseline is a former “dancer” turned “rapper”/”side-chick”.  Her MANager, Stevie J., has been allowing her to do things that he knows his wife, Mimi, wouldn’t like!

If the show is supposed to depict stereotypes about Atlanta, they sure hit one topic on the head!  Atlanta is EXTREMELY small!

Perfect example!  In the show, a long time friend of Mimi’s is getting herself into the music industry.  She heard about Stevie J. and what he does, so she sat down with him.  Stevie J, not knowing that this was a friend of his wife’s, he brings his artist, Joseline, along with him.  While they talk business at the table, Joseline acts how she does in the studio.  She calls Stevie “daddy” and falls all over him!  Mimi’s friend calls the two out by asking, “So, you two are…?”

Joseline instantly replies, “Oh!  He’s my manager.”  They giggle and add jokes like, “Yea.  MAN-ager.”  LOL!

Later on, Mimi runs into her long time friend at a girl’s night out event!  Mimi’s friend, unknowing of the whole situation, defines Joseline as a real “Ride-or-Die” chick for her man Stevie J.

OOPS!! “No ma’am, that’s MY man!” says Mimi. The two go back and forth about the situation, and in walks the devil, Stevie J.

From there all hell breaks loose!! The only reply Joseline has to Stevie J’s actions were that he threw a drink on her and messed up her extremely expensive fur coat!  Joseline has no shame of sleeping around with someone’s husband.  She adds, “I love Stevie.  It’s not all about sex.  He f***s my mind!”
“WOW!” was the only response I had to this whole ordeal.

But enough about me, what do you all think?  Is the show going to be a success or will it be  just like all of the other reality television shows?

Leave your comment below!

Dr. O

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