California Chef Cooks Wife in Restaurant

On October 18, 2009, David Viens got into a heated argument with his former wife, Dawn Viens. According to the Los Angeles Times, he duck taped her mouth and tied her hands and feet. The next morning he found her corpse beside him.

When Viens learned that police were suspecting him in back in 2011, he jumped off a cliff (possibly a suicide attempt) but survived and is now in a wheelchair.

According to abcnews, Veins said “I just slowly cooked her and I ended up cooking her for four days”. The only item he didn’t want to get rid of was her skull stating that he hid the skull in his “mother’s attic”.

On Tuesday Viens confessed to a jury that he placed his wife in a 55 gallon drum and tied her down with weights to dispose of her body. All that didn’t boil down was tossed into a grease pit at his restaurant.

Abcnews also reported that investigators are not sure of the exact details that ultimately lead to the fight and untimely death of his wife because Viens has changed his story more than once. During one interview he said he and his wife argued after he accused her of stealing money. In another, Viens said they had taken cocaine together and in another he said she was aggravating him while he was trying to sleep.

Viens is currently awaiting the outcome of his murder trial.

What’s your take on this? A sudden lapse in his mental health? What do you think really happened between this couple to result in such a perverted murder?


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