Just One of Those Days

Patrice Baylor Leigh

Today was such a crazy, silly day. My rush to multi-task left me barefoot walking around the grocery story, hurrying to pick up a few items for an important meeting. Before shopping I wanted to take care of a couple of other chores,  take clothes to the cleaners and then mani/pedi. I found that under duress I can be quite the bossy broad.

At the nail salon, a new one for me, my nails were finished and they slipped the flimsy sandals on my feet. Time was fleeting as I made my way to the store. Just a couple of steps inside the store and then the inevitable happened. Flimsy sandal snapped under my rush to get to the snack aisle. One shoe off, one shoe dragging I made it the cashier where I placed the couple of items on the conveyor. The cashier greeted me with the typical “How are you today?” I responded with, “It’s a silly, crazy day.” Walking through the grocery store I must have looked hilarious to onlookers.

All I could do was laugh at myself. My chic points were diminishing but I was not to be sans classe. What a mess and an embarrassment. All I could think about was how unfocused I had been that morning. Shaking my head I whispered, “Lord I should have had my coffee today.”

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