The Power of What If! AskDrO Weighs In!

I see patients day-in and day-out and many of them ask the  same old question, What If? When this question is posed to me I simply respond, “You tell me.”   Many people have a tendency to fear the unknown and as a result become paralyzed to their own futures. The What If factor has a profound impact when we don’t recognize it and challenge it from within. There are three observations that I have noticed with this What If factor;

1. What If I fail?

2.  What If I can’t achieve my goals?

3.  What If my next relationship fails?


The Fear of Failure

This is a normal feeling and emotion. None of us wake-up and say, ” I really won’t to fail at my next attempt.” This is just not a sound discussion to have with oneself. However, how do we fight this monster? There is a solid and easy response to this issue, Self-Declaration. You have to start making daily self-declarations for where you would like to be or like to  go.  You have to began speaking in the affirmative even when it looks impossible or dark. There are many people who started the race before you and some have even won, but you are not out of the fight just yet. Self-Declarations is the way to defeat that monster that attempts to hold you hostage within yourself.

Missing the Mark of Your Goals

There are many of us that have goals to reach. There is no rule book on when or how you have to reach your goals. you simply have to have some goals set out there to reach. This is a relatively simple solution to a difficult problem. You can set goals and some may be very challenging for you but don’t be afraid. The next time, the monster of fear raises his nasty head, stomp him. Remember that you can do this and life is full of challenges. Don’t allow the “self” in you to hold you hostage.

Relationship Failure 101

Who hasn’t had a failed relationship? If you can find this person, I will mail you the ten dollar check. Whether it is marriage, father-son, mother-daughter or saleperson-customer we all have had days like this. You cannot be sure who has a day off-balance. You can never be sure who is mad or even jealous of you. That is really not your problem.  You simply have to remove the negative people from your life. You have to take control of  the energy around you. The new you has to become confident that whatever decision you make, about ending a relationship, will be in your best interest. You cannot give up on you. The What If factor will trap you in an abusive and toxic relationship but now that you know what are you going to do about this?

Steps to combating the “What If” factor.

  1. Set some goals
  2. Make some plans
  3. Develop a time-line
  4. Don’t listen to negative people or propaganda
  5. Meditate daily
  6. Eat Right
  7. Build your own Self-Confidence
  8. Be realistic about change in your life
  9. Get plenty of rest
  10. Drink 8 glasses of water a day.

If you have any questions or concerns or want to know more about the  “What If” factor, call my office and set-up a face-to-face confidential consultation.

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