1000 Pound Woman Crushes Toddler

Last night, the television network TLC premiered a new special, entitled “Half- Ton Killer”. The new show documents the life of Marya Rosales, the 1,100 pound woman who confessed to rolling over and killing her two year old nephew under her massive weight. But how can a woman who weighs more than five average man muster up the strength to roll over on a bed?

Simple answer, she didn’t. According to Huff Post, Rosales lied to authorities about her nephew’s death in order to save her sister (the real culprit) from getting caught. After her story fell a part from its impossible circumstances, Rosales confesses in the special that she witnessed her sister repeatedly strike the child with a brush. Doctors later ruled the cause of death to be from being hit, not from being smothered.

After watching the video clip, what are your views on this story. In the mean time, check out my new book “Am I in a Bad Relationship?“.

Dr. O

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