Dr.O Gets Book Review!

What’s the truth about your relationship? Are you willing to reveal the secrets of your relationship? Are you in a bad relationship or one that could use some tweaking? Written insightfully by Atlanta board certified psychiatrist, Dwight A. Owens, MD Am I in a Bad Relationship communicates to a broad demographic of people in or out of relationships. The language of this book is simplistic with clinical undertones. It is an irresistible book of few pages that helps even the hardcore come to grips with the fact that theirs might be a toxic union. So what’s the antidote? Pick up a copy of Am I in a Bad Relationship? And discover if you’re “sleeping with the enemy” should you “stay or leave” and “how to survive after a bad relationship”. For the answers to these and other questions log onto any online bookstore or xlibris.com to order your copy today. Follow Dr. O at www.AskDrO.com for more juicy relationship tidbits.

Patrice Baylor Leigh

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