Lil Wayne and Stevie J Caught Kissing

It seems that a little more than a rap battle was going on at Club Liv in Miami this week when rap super star and CEO of Young Money, Lil Wayne, was allegedly caught pecking record producer Stevie J on the lips. I think it’s safe to say that Tunechi walks to the beat of his own drum, and that it’s not out of the ordinary to see him conduct himself in a manner that makes us do a double-take.

According to HipHopWired, a cell phone caught the alleged lip lock action between the two following a brief exchange of words. There are rumors that this is not the first time Wayne has pecked the opposite sex and according to HipHopWired, Stevie J dodged confirmation when asked about his whereabouts claiming that he was in LosĀ Angeles with girlfriend Joseline Hernandez that night.

Check out the radio interview here Stevie J Interview.

What do you think? Can you tell if there was definite contact? While you sort out your feelings about the video footage, purchase my new book “Am I in a Bad Relationship?”.


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