Picking Up the Pieces…

Relationships can be like broken glass.  Sometimes its better to leave it broken then to risk getting hurt putting it back together.  When a partner our spouse decides one day to walk away and leave, DON’T chase after them…I repeat DO NOT CHASE AFTER THEM!!  If you truly love someone you will let them go.  One of the worse things you can do in life is force someone to love you.  I promise it will always backfire on you.  In most cases it leads to infidelity and a lifetime of lies.

Instead, appreciate that your lover has made a decision to move on as oppose to dragging you through the mud and wasting your time.  Take this opportunity to turn inward and emotionally develop yourself to be stronger for your next relationship.  Start investing more in friends and family.  Spend time concentrating on fulfilling your hopes and dreams.

Don’t look at the glass half empty but rather half full with room to grow.  Don’t immediately start dating and searching for someone to fill that void.  This will only temporarily satisfy your desires.  As a result you will only end up finding yourself in another unhappy relationship.

Things to do after someone leaves you…

1.       Travel: This will help you explore yourself and find peace within.

2.       Pick up a hobby: Arts and crafts, dance, exercise, etc

3.       Spend time with family: Find out what you missed while you were so enthralled with    fixing your bad relationship.

4.       Hang out with friends: They always know exactly what to do when you are down.  Remember friends are there before your relationship started and will be there after it is over.  So remain loyal to them throughout.

5.       DON’T RUSH INTO ANOTHER RELATIONSHIP: don’t become a serial monogamous, jumping from one relationship to the next to find love.

6.       Self Audit: explore yourself and learn to love yourself

What ideas do you have to help someone get over a relationship after their lover left them?  Or do you have any testimonies as to how you made it through? Also, for more relationship tips, check out my NEW published book “Am I in a Bad Relationship”  .



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