The Break-Up Plan

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The love was beautiful. Birds chirped, flowers bloomed and heavenly melodies bellowed out from the sky every time the two of you walked outside together. Cut to the present day. The very sight of him/her annoys you. Those cute little quirky ways you used to find adorable, now make you want to set your hair on fire and if you see one more dirty sock on the floor all hell will break loose. The love you once had has turned from romantic to brotherly and you’re now on the verge of calling a quits.

But how do you go about doing it? You’ve invested time into this person, so you still care about them and don’t want to hurt them. A blunt “I just don’t wanna be with you anymore!” may be too much. A gradual process may cause you to linger too long and end up sucking you back in and a text message break-up is just plain cowardly.

First and foremost, make a firm decision that you want the relationship to end and follow through with the decision.  If you don’t, it could “lead to feelings of guilt, low self-esteem and depression because you didn’t carry out you plan as intended”.

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