We’re Not Always Overly Sensitive

Take this scenario into consideration. You and your friends are out at your favorite restaurant for lunch. The afternoon was lovely and you’re now about to leave. As you’re settling the check, the nearby waiter who has been eying you since you arrived, walks up and asserts his feelings through some very crude comments. You get mad and tell him to back off, while he brushes it off with a chuckle while telling you not to be so sensitive.

If a male makes a comment to a woman and she becomes offended, then she’s automatically labeled as being “too sensitive”. (For the record, that phrase really grinds my gears. In many instances, the offender is just down right inappropriate in addition to having bad timing). Well in reality that guy is probably a genuine (and again, pardon my language) asshole. Telling you that you have a nice ass and then proceeding to grope it, is an immediate red flag and grounds for a sexual harassment charge. His actions give you every right to feel the need to defend your honor. Therefore, you’re not overly sensitive; you’re just reacting like any other person with hurt or aggravated feelings would.

Women like to talk. Overtime, too much talking can led to arguing. I’ll be the first to confess that we as women can become a little “catty” at times. We don’t always get along in groups together and once we’re in them, we revert back to our high school clique days, where “he said, she said” was the highlight of the day. In my opinion, it’s really inevitable as a woman to not have at least one physical or verbal “cat-fight” in your life. Simply because you never know when someone’s Aunt Flow has come to visit with all her hormonal baggage, when instant mood swings and temperature changes occur or when it’s just one of those days. The combination of all those elements only fuels the fire of an already brewing altercation. So yeah, we can be a little on edge at times but most of us calm down and go back to normal…eventually.

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-Chassidy Goggins


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