Cancer is Not Always the End

One often hears the word cancer identified as the “Dreaded C”. What is dreadful about cancer is its rapid growth in the body and  ability to deteriorate healthy tissue. This disease is definitely life-changing but those infected with it have to remember not to let it take control. Stay positive and don’t give into a pre-meditated death sentence. Learn the facts and what treatments will work best for you!

 Cancer can cause general effects on the body that appear much like symptoms of less serious problems, according to the American Cancer Society. These effects can be similar to a host of other medical conditions like the flu or a common cold. Cancer can cause extreme fatigue, indigestion, trouble swallowing, constant fevers, persistent coughing and body aches or pains .

This illness is caused by the presence of a malignant tumor that leaves those it attacks in a state of dependence.It’s a tough situation to deal with so don’t be surprised if friends and family begin to distance themselves. On the flip side, the fatigue, incoherence, and depression sometimes causes cancer victims to pine away from loved ones skeptical about the kind of support they can offer. Learn who is really there for you to lean on and make them a part of your support system. Let’s face it, not everyone is a nurturer so let those that can’t handle the weight of the situation go. You don’t need anymore added stress.

Cancer does not have to be a death threat, especially when it has been detected in its early stages. There are numerous treatments available that strengthen the immune system, and bring vigor and clarity to the situation. Consider all suggestions and advice about ways to fight and decrease symptoms because each case is different and what doesn’t work for one individual could very well work for you.

Some say the use of herbal treatments provides a sense of wholeness; less nausea and vomiting, happier disposition, more energy. Traditional oncologists may disapprove of this method; however but there’s no harm in trying. The road to recovering your health during cancer is long but necessary. Whichever method of treatment chemical or herbal, please follow doctors’ orders and live the best life you can.

-AskDrO Staff


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