Dr. O Makes His Magazine Cover Debut

Dr. O’s new book “Am I in a Bad Relationship?” had its official release less than a month ago but it’s already making huge waves in the city. Book sells are doing well, advice is being followed and he’s making headlines via his first magazine cover on A’SPE Magazine!

A’SPE  is the brain child of Wayne L. Williams and features topics such as business, entertainment, fashion, travel, cars, food and wine. Dr. O is being featured in a full page article this month.

The article mainly focuses on the contents of “Am I in a Bad Relationship”? but Dr. O also reveals a few other issues he’s noticed as a medical professional such as the rise in African Americans seeking mental help.

Check out this excerpt from the article:

A positive shift Dr. O has witnessed is the growth in certain ethnic groups’ efforts to ensure good mental health. The largest growth in his practice has been in African-American clients.  “When I began my practice, the ratio was about 30/70, with the majority of my clients being white. Now the ratio is about 50/50. People are doing what is needed to help them self. People are ready to come forward,” he said http://www.aspemag.com/business.html .

Observers can plainly see that Dr. O is on the road to an even more successful practice and nationwide exposure. Even though He’s doing quite well for himself, he’s not trying to forget the reason he started all this. “I’m not trying to be rich, but I want to get the word out that mental health is crucial to physical health.”

-AskDrO Staff


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