Is Racism in America taking on a New Hype?

I just can not understand what the issue is? It appears as if President Obama is a first time. newly elected political official. Is it that he is doing such a great job that the average American, not of color, is having that much difficulty? I am just about sick of seeing all the rhetoric and articles of hatred. I would suggest, if you really have a problem with the re-elected President, take leave. There are a lot of other places in the world you can live, but please just leave President Obama alone. Our President is strong, mature and has a very serious task to deal with not many days hence. Listening to all of this foolishness could be a distraction. However, he leans in strong. He is a fighter and certainly he is NOT easily moved. I guess the real problem is that, they-whoever they may be, thought that Mitt Romney was a shoe in! However, America has spoken and let the results stand.  I am about worn out of all the media rants and distractions that are attempting to weigh this country down.  In my opinion, “the fat lady has sung!” It is time for us to move-on and get down to business.

I will not be entertained by much more of this foolishness. CNN is almost disappointing me focusing on empty commentary some days. Our President has proven himself. There is really nothing left to do but RUN THE COUNTRY! The republicans made their bad choices and as a result, loss this year’s Presidential Race. Even they know that their candidates weren’t the people’s choice. And as far as these states wasting time taking-up empty petitions to remove themselves from the US, they is a pure waste. It just ain’t gonna happen. All this is is basically institutional racism. I am fired-up but I am only one voice crying in the wilderness. It is now time for progressive change and we certainly have a leader that is on point so what else do they want from our President.

Here are some points that need to be considered by every person of color in the next year.

  1. Be sure that your children are educated and know their rights.
  2. Understand the economics of our country.
  3. Stay-up on current events.
  4. Take advantage of the  initiatives provided in the “Affordable Health Care Act.”
  5. Be a realistic.
  6. Plan for your future.
  7. Be strong in your convictions.
  8. Fight ignorance with intellect.
  9. Read and don’t take down
  10. Know who you are and be very proud of your heritage.

My hat is off to President Obama. You ran a fair and clean-race. You have shown me and other people of color that we can dream and that we don;t have to bend. I refuse to bend and I refuse to bow. The racism is taking on a new hype and so must we. We have to become very strong and serious in our convictions the next couple of years. We will not be afraid and the time has come for change.

I am Dr. O and I approve of this message.

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