Keep the Passion Alive

Relationships don’t always have to be about the problems that come along with them. Romantic relationships are supposed to make our lives better, not weighed down with drama. Keeping the passion alive in a relationship is another way to make sure it stays healthy. Remember what made you two fall in love in the first place and make that your motivation to keep your love journey going. Take a cruise to the Caribbean. Meet up at his/her favorite restaurant during your lunch break or have a weekly date night. Have fun with your mate, especially if you committed your life to them! You want to make sure you enjoy the company of the one you’ll be with until death do you part.

Here is an excerpt from my book “Am I in a Bad Relationship?” on how to keep the fire burning bright.

Monday: Surprise your partner with flowers! This way a Monday is not just another start to a long, boring work-week but a promise of more romantic things to come later in a week.

Tuesday: Sweat together! Jog in the park side-by-side- no iPods allowed. You’ll be keeping yourselves in shape, boosting your endorphin levels (certain chemicals in your brain to make you happier) and most important of all, you’ll be spending time together. You can also go for a walk or swim at the beach with your partner.

For the rest of my tips, purchase my new book “Am I in a Bad Relationship?”.

Dr. O


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