Have you ever wondered why the female behavior pattern can be so erratic at times? Yes, some times it is the side effects of mother nature but that’s not always to blame. Here is an interesting theory as to why women( including myself) go through their mood swings.

“I don’t know what I want to wear today”. “I don’t feel like going out anymore”. “I’ve changed my mind”. I am certainly a culprit of these sudden mind-changing comments when it comes to daily activities. (Ladies, this is the part where you go and get your husbands, boyfriends, or significant other, because guess what?)- It’s not our fault that we’re fickle guys. Women have been dealing with this problem for centuries, and apparently it comes with the territory of being a woman. According to M. Esther Harding’s Woman’s Mysteries , it’s part of our “moon-like” character, but to a man, it looks like we’re doing it on purpose, and let’s face it, sometimes we just like to aggravate them, but most of the time, we really aren’t at fault.

Women are associated with the moon because both are seen as fickle. The moon does not follow same pattern everyday. It’s moody like us women. It does not come out in the day but is the symbol of night. Sometimes it gives us light and sometimes it doesn’t and it goes through physical phases every few weeks. Finally, we have some justification for why we are the way we are! Although Harding, does point out that some women “exploit the prerogatives which have been accorded them by society” and change their minds as they see fit, the abuse of their power does not change the fact that it’s part of a woman’s nature to be “cyclic”.

What do you think about that ladies? It’s quite interesting and comes from a unique perspective. Do you agree with this theory (mainly to get yourself off the hook) or are you just being difficult on purpose?

-C. Michelle


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