Patiently Waiting

Waiting can seem like forever when you’re eagerly waiting for something to happen. It’s like taking a road trip with a passenger who is repeatedly asking “Are we there yet?” Impatience is the enemy when you’re reeling and ready to go. But we all know that the trip is always longer on the way to your destination than it is coming back. Waiting is just a part of the process. You wait in line at the polls to cast your vote for president. You wait in line at the drive-thru for that lunch special you’ve been craving all day and you wait in ridiculously long lines for rides at Six Flags. If you’d wait in line for trivial things such as fast-food and amusement park rides, why wouldn’t you take the time to wait for your mate?

Too many people begin to feel discouraged at a certain point in their life if they haven’t found that “one and only”. This feeling of depression could come in the form of a mid-life crisis,¬† physical make-over, or speedy nuptials in Vegas. Listen, your life isn’t over if you’re thirty-five¬† and unmarried. You can still find happiness if you’re divorced and have to pay alimony. There’s no need in freaking out and freezing your eggs on your 36th birthday or having everyone you know set you up with possible suitors. When you stop obsessing and put your focus elsewhere, that’s when your special someone will waltz into your life. The best surprises are the unexpected ones. When you’ve stopped looking for him/her, that’s when they’ll find you.

There isn’t a set of guidelines that says you have to be with someone, married, or have children by a certain age or time in your life. Love stories are as diverse as the characters in them. Some people encounter love at first sight, others develop their feelings over time. Some couples have families later on in life, and some start before they’ve met their true soul mate. Don’t feel pressured to stick to the imaginary life timeline that society has put in place. It may not come the way you’ve planned it out in your head, but if you stay true to yourself and embrace your single-hood, the person and relationship you’ve wanted will become a reality .

Wait patiently for what or who you want because your steps are ordered. If it’s meant to be, it will be.

-C. Michelle

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