Atlanta Housewives Star Kenya Moore Isn’t as “Real” as She Claimes

Kenya Moore, is the new face of Bravo’s “Atlanta Housewives” reality show franchise. She is known for winning Miss USA in 1993 and has been in the entertainment industry for decades. As the newbie in the group, Moore claimed in a Wendy Williams show interview that she doesn’t “put on” for the cameras and that what you see is what you get with her. Well, it appears that the former beauty queen lied her way into the reality TV sphere. According to Black Media Scoop, her so-called boyfriend, Walter Jackson said Moore lied to “Atlanta Housewives” producers about their relationship, leading them to believe that it was headed for marriage.

As reported by Black Media Scoop:

Walter said he has dated Kenya before, but it was three years ago and their relationship only lasted three months. He only reconnected with her after she called him, requested they meet and divulged the fact that she had signed on for the show in April. He says she asked him to “play” her boyfriend on the hit show! At that point, he says he agreed to pretend to be her boyfriend on the show, but did not “sign up” for what viewers have seen .

Apparently Moore spilled the beans to V103’s Frank Ski and Wanda, which could potentially ruin Atlanta’s season this year. BMS reported that Jackson told the radio hosts that Moore was “constantly bringing up marriage, children and an engagement ring”, something he “didn’t sign up for”. He said it was a secret agreement between the two of them. The show and producers were unaware of their arrangement. However, as it turns out, Jackson was “not aware of the fact that Kenya lied and told the producers they were considering marriage”.

Moore stated in her interview that some skeletons would come out on the show but I bet she wasn’t expecting this bag of bones. According to Walter, she pretty much exaggerated her relationship status. He even said that no one in the city sees them together. “She told me it’s like acting. Nobody in Atlanta has seen me out with Kenya. Frank (Ski), you know I go to all the events.”

Doesn’t sound too “real” to me Kenya!

-Dr. O

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