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The new year will be upon us in a matter of hours.¬† All of the Christmas and holiday decorations have been taken down and stored until next year, the hustle and stress of shopping for others has been lifted and all you’ll have left to do before the year is out is find the perfect dress to ring in a next 365 days.

One of the most prominent cultural habits of New Year’s celebrations is to make empty resolutions. “This year I promise to stop drinking.” My new year’s resolution is to stop working so much”. “This year, I’m going to exercise and eat right “. Most of the time, we take the first few minutes of the new year to lie to ourselves with statements such as these. They are all great resolutions but most people are either too intoxicated at the time or only half way committed to actually advise a plan to carry them out.

Another popular New Year’s resolution is the vow to find love or ways to improve in that department. The new year gives people the feeling of having a fresh start and new outlook on life even if they don’t actually change anything they did from the previous year. Love life advice is abundant and can be found anywhere, such as the internet, books, classes, parents, therapists and friends. Let’s face it, we all could use some pointers in the four letter word department.

Speaking of love life advice, here are some resolution ideas to keep your romantic flame burning or to help you start a new one.

As reported by Yahoo! Shine:

Cultivate your creativity
It’s no secret that creativity is sexy: Think about how artistic types such as musicians, actors, and writers seem to ooze sex appeal. “Studies find that creativity is powerful in attracting a mate, but we often let our passions and interests fall along the wayside once we’re married,” says Glenn Geher, Ph.D., co-author of the new book Mating Intelligence Unleashed: The Role of the Mind in Sex, Dating, and Love.

 Recognize your blind spots
It’s all too easy to assume that just because you love each other it should always be easy, but no relationship is guaranteed.¬† The lesson here: There will be times where the plates begin to shift in your relationship’s most terra firma (your “rock of a husband” declares he wants to quit his job to pursue his Into the Wild dream, for example). Rather than fight change, realize it’s just time to come up with some new ways to come together.

Shine also reported that occasionally sacrificing your needs for your partners and using social media to subtly affirm your relationship will also help to keep the love alive.

In 2014, let’s make an effort to follow through with our resolutions to ensure they won’t end up as regrets.

-AskDrO Staff

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