NFL Player Commits Murder Than Suicide

A three-month old baby girl named Zoe was recently orphaned by the hands of her father. Kansas City linebacker Jovan Belcher, allegedly killed his 22 year-old girlfriend Kasandra M. Perkins before traveling to a practice facility and ending his own life.

CNN reported that the days events began before 8:00 A.M. when police received a call( believed to be from Belcher’s mother) about a young woman( Perkins) being shot several times. 20 minutes later another call went in to police about a man at Arrowhead Stadium (the Chief’s home) with a loaded gun. Belcher shot himself in the head, ending his life.

As reported by CNN:

The police spokesman initial didn’t specify whom the linebacker was talking to before he fired that fatal shot. The league’s website,, reported one of them was the team’s head coach, Romeo Crennel. Kansas City Mayor Sly James added that general manager Scott Pioli also witnessed the suicide

Belcher’s murder-suicide incident came as a surprise to most people because it greatly conflicted with the image he portrayed, including his decision to join the campus group Male Athletes Against Violence . According to Yahoo News, Belcher had to sign a pledge that stood for the complete opposite of the actions he carried out. He pledged to “look honestly at my [his] actions in regards to violence and make changes, if necessary.” Belcher even majored in child development and family relations at the University of Maine which further adds to his conflicting decisions.

Even though a direct reason as to why Belcher committed these acts has yet to be revealed, some sort of mental illness could be a forerunner. He knew all the routes to avoid violence and the negative consequences it leaves but he still found himself  in the violence cycle. Unfortunately, he took another unsuspecting life down with him.

-Dr. O

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