The Truth About Divorce

As members of the human species, companionship is a natural desire and most marriages or relationships fulfill that void of longing for a partner, and the satisfaction one gets after receiving it. Your search is over for that guy who completely gets you, the woman who shares the same taste in movies and food as you and the one person who loves you for you.

Although a large majority of  people desire to be in a marriage or long term relationship, the reality is that marriage doesn’t always work out for the couples that enter into it. We’ve all heard the “fact” (more like myth) that 50 percent of marriages end in divorce and that doesn’t exactly encourage people to take a walk down the aisle. But according to Yahoo! Shine, the most popular statistics about divorce are not completely accurate. For example, Shine reported that the divorce rate has actually been decreasing since the 1980s according to the National Marriage Project and a more accurate divorce rate for Americans is 40-50 percent.

Check out what Shine had to say about the success of second marriages.

As reported by Yahoo! Shine:

 This myth seems logical. After all, you’d learn a lot from a first marriage that you can apply to a second marriage. And wouldn’t you be more cautious about agreeing to tie the knot again? Even though studies show slightly different rates, one thing’s for sure-giving marriage another go definitely ups the chances of divorce. Roughly 67% to 80% of second marriages end in divorce, while third marriages crumble at an even higher rate, says Opperman. This could be because “divorce doesn’t help us choose a better partner or be a better mate in our next relationship. Divorce teaches us how to divorce,” says Wendy Walsh, PhD, CNN’s relationship expert and author of The 30-Day Love Detox. In other words, if you already know how to get divorced, the more likely you see it as an option.

See the full list of divorce myths here.

It may seem like divorce is the “go-to” solution to a few months of tension in a relationship lately but it’s not what every couple desires to do. It’s true that some relationships just aren’t meant to be and some people really do find true happiness their second time around. Although the many faces of Hollywood may not be able to sustain a healthy marriage, that doesn’t mean we should believe the hype of divorce being more prevalent than ever.

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