It’s Not Always Him, Sometimes, it’s Just You

You know how us women have a tendency to bash our men sometimes? Well, we need to consider turning that finger around because there are three more pointing at the most obvious faults we’ve contributed to the situation. Instead of always bringing up what he doesn’t do think about what you’re doing in the relationship that could be causing him to react the way he does. Are you forgetting to be keen with discretion when  talking to your girlfriends about your relationship issues? Are you not making yourself available to spend time together? Think about it. Sometimes it’s not always him that’s messing up. It’s you too.

According to, there are a number of distinct things that women are doing that are sabotaging their relationships whether they realize it or not. One of the mistakes mentioned that women in relationships sometimes make, is neglecting their other relationships such as best-friends, family members or co-workers for their romantic one. The article expressed how some women want their husbands/boyfriends/significant other to be their 24 hour buddy instead of reaching out to do other things with the friends and family that they knew before their mates came along. It’s okay to have a little space in your relationship. You can go to the movies with your sister sometimes or go out after work with friends for a bit without your husband. Try not to let those relationships suffer or dwindle away once a new flame comes into your life.

Another piece of advice from the O website, reminds women not to have those much needed conversations about the troubled waters in your relationship with anyone else other than the actual person you’re in a relationship with. We all know that the best thing about having a best-friend or girlfriends is being able to tell them or him/her anything and not feel weird about it. However, somethings are just better left unsaid especially when it comes to your personal relationship with a significant other.

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Once you’ve hashed out all the details with her, you’ve still got your problem, which was never really with her but with him, who was, of course, not invited to girls’ night. Use the girlfriend chat as your dress rehearsal, if you must, but save the real heart-to-hearts for your partner. You know, the romantic one.

So let’s remember to self-examine before we start playing the blame game ladies. Once you do that, you might very well discover that you are the problem and if you’re the problem, you’re the only one who can fix it.
-C. Michelle
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