Son Steals Father’s Body to Resurrect Him

Death is one of the hardest parts of life that we have to endure. We all know that it’s inevitable, but when the time comes, it’s often hard to accept and come to the realization that that particular loved one is no longer here with us. This fact seemed to be too much for an unidentified 48 year-old man who stole his 93 year-old father’s body from a funeral home in order to resurrect him.

According to Black Media Scoop, the 48 year-old Detroit man stole his father’s body from the Gethsemane Cemetery and stored him in his freezer in hopes to resurrect him through prayer. The father’s funeral was Saturday but had not been buried yet due to the soil being too wet.

As reported by Black Media Scoop:

Witnesses saw a white van pull up outside the mausoleum just before the man and his casket went missing Monday morning. Officers found the empty casket about 7 a.m. Tuesday in a van parked at a gas station, and arrested a 48-year-old man and a 38-year-old man in the vehicle. Police didn’t identify the arrested men.

Black Media Scoop reported that next-door neighbor Gwendolyn Coleman, 50, paid her respects to the son although see never knew his father, Clarence Bright. According to Coleman, while at the funeral he said, “Y’all might think I’m great, y’all might think I’m great. Watch what I’m going to do, watch what I’m going to do.”  They didn’t think he would try something of this nature.

As hard as it is to accept, sometimes things happen the way they’re meant to happen. By way of his actions, it’s clear the son was very distraught over the lose of his father and that’s understandable. Our lives are always altered in some way when we lose someone we love but in the midst of tragedy life still goes on. We can’t stop our lives or try to alter what was meant to be by attempting to change something we have no control over.

-AskDrO Staff

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