I am in Love with my Best Friend

Dear Dr. O,

For as long as I can remember my best friend has been like a sibling to me. Over the years of growing up my family and their family has been very close, which allowed us to become close friends. We first met when we were both seven years old where we attended the same grammar school. Coincidently we also attended the same high school and undergraduate University. Growing up, every one has assumed that we were a couple due to the fact of how close we are with one another and how much time we spend together. When people come up to us and say how cute we are together and how we look like a couple, we have learned to brush it off and act as if it were nothing. Although, I think it has really gotten to me. We have both been in other relationships over the years, and I find myself getting jealous when I see them with other people. I have never believed that anyone they were with was good enough for them, and I always thought this was just me being a good friend and having their best interest at heart. But I have came to the realization that there hasn’t been anything wrong with the people they have been with, I just believe that it should have been me instead of them all along. Throughout my years of dating I have never found anyone of the opposite sex that I can be so open with and completely be myself around like I can with my best friend. I feel as if I can honestly tell my best friend anything, except the most important fact, that I am in Love with them. I am not sure if it would be best to act on my feeling and chance ruining such a great friendship.


Jealous Friend


We see friends in movies fall in love all the time.  Which proves the notion is there.  The question of the day is, “Should you fall in love with your best friend?” I feel that the most successful relationships are those in which the partners are friends.  If you have a friend that you are attracted to its probably best that you let them know in advance.  This would prevent awkward conversations and jealousy of external relationships.  Suppressing feelings only make things worse.  You should tell your friend you would like to talk to them. Be careful and strategic how you approach the conversation.  Simply tell them how you feel about them and express to them why you feel the way you do.  Always offer the option of remaining friends but explain that you wanted to be honest about your harbored feelings.

Enough Said,

Dr. O

TOP 5 Movies: When friends fall in love….

1. Spiderman

Courtesy of : http://strealys.wordpress.com/

2.Harry Potter

3. My Best Friend’s Wedding

4. Iron Man

5. Brown Sugar

Let me know how your situation turns out especially if you have a success story.  In the mean time check out my new book “Am I in a Bad Relationship” VIOP INVITATION SIDE B

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