Commentary: Fish Frys, Bake Sales and Prayer Breakfasts; Has the Black Church Fell Into a Black Hole

On my way home yesterday I passed by 14 churches (various denominations), 6 funeral homes and 8 Beauty-Barber establishments. All I can say is WOW. By the way, I took the scenic route home which included Bankhead Highway. (Home of he original “Bankhead Bounce”) What was interesting, I did not see any signs inviting me or any other driver out to pray or worship. Most of the signs surrounded advertised “fundraisers.” I am at the point, I just want to go to worship, pay my tithes
, give to the charity of my choice and move-on. By the way if any Pastors are reading this blog, WE DON’T PAY ATTENTION TO ANNOUNCEMENTS! Most parishioners have had a pretty hard week and they really come to just re-fuel and move-on Sundays. The extra business portion has taken a front seat in many of our Black Churches. I was just wondering, do non-African-American churches have building funds? I have visited a few and the services were quick and to the point. I actually got some good take home points and got out in time for brunch. The only disappointment that I had was, “I didn’t smell fried chicken coking around 11:30 in the first unit of the church.”
Tithe and offering

What made you write this commentary Dr.O? Well the answer is simple. There are a lot of new demons attacking this “One Nation Under God.” From Boston-to-Texas just this week, it seems like tragedies have almost become commonplace. We use to respond quickly with prayer meetings. prayer vigils and even shut-ins. Now the focus is more on fundraising revivals, as opposed to souls it seems. One can count on his hand the number of prayer meeting that most churches have each year. However, you can not count on all fingers and toes the number of leaders and or position holders. I have a new slogan, “Position Holders with No Power, find them at the Church-House.” I guess some of you are saying, “What has happened to that dude? Why is he so angry?”

Here is my point. The church has to re-focus on souls and the primary mission of Christ, “Winning Souls.” Day-in and Day-Out on face-book, twitter, instagram, etc., etc., you can hear about a prayer breakfast, bake sale or renovation project but how much outreach is really being done? I am holding a conference next year called, “The Revolving Door Church. Are you in One?” This is powerful and yet profound. There were certainly be a break-out session on “How to Effectively Hold New Member’s Orientation for Church Hoppers because they won’t be there long.” (abbreviated version)

There is a quick test that I would like my readers to take and see how well you do.

  1. Does your church have more pastoral celebratory days than outreach days?
  2. Do you know the name of person(s) over outreach at your local church?
  3. Does your church feed the hungry other than Thanksgiving and Christmas?
  4. Have you been giving a statement of what happened to the Benevolent Offerings from last year?
  5. Are you sitting around the same few people this year, last year, as well as the year before?
  6. Does your church place emphasis on “souls?”
  7. Does your church have a “litany of church announcement” as opposed to brief reminders about time for worship?
  8. Have you attended any workshops (beneficial in nature) at your church this year, last year, the year before?
  9. Is the primary focus of your church “Souls?”
  10. Is your pastor a known alcoholic in the community?

Please do not share your test results with anybody else. I am certainly not the one to tell you how to rank order your church, but you may need to see just what is out there. Finally, if you are leaving feeling-spiritually the same way that you came this is certainly a problem.


Bloodied on the Battlefield,

Dr. O


For workshops, seminars and symposiums on, “Howto Get Your Church Off Life-Support” please call my office at 1-800-JESUS-PLEASE-HELP. My church has fallen and can’t get-up. Have a safe and happy weekend pastors.


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