Michael Jordan Got Married Saturday: Sisters Does Color Really Matter?

Guess what, Michael Jordan got married to Yvette Prieto Saturday. I guess that you can tell by the name that she ain’t a sister.  The buzz about town is, “Is this becoming an epidemic among the rich and famous Black Athletes?” I am not sure, but it is happening quite frequently.   Therefore,I decided to quickly poll about 25 brothers, in a confidential onlinbe survey, to see what might some of the hypotheses be for this recent turn of events?

  1. Have you seen an increase in the number of African-American atheletes marrying outside  of thier race?
  2. Do you agree with this behavior?
  3. Is it because there is less drama when we date outside of our race?
  4. Have you seen in public back-lash, like with Michael and Tiger?
  5. Is this issue really over-rated?

First let get a few of the details of this what sounds like”over-the-top” wedding. It took place at the AEpiscopal Church of Bethesda by the sea. He had about 300n guests and certainly the who’s who was there in attendance.  I heard that they even had fireworks as a part of the celebration. It must be nice and I am sure that all of those shoes y’all buying help finance this extravaganza.

The wedding cake was a seven layer white-rum-cake and I beat it was a diabetes nightmare. (um um delicious) He had Usher, Robun Thicke, DJ MC Kyte and a wonderful 18-piece band, the DSource, to provide the evening entertainment. What I wouldhave done to get the crumbs off one of those tables. LOL But get this, people in Jupiter, Florida were lined-up forming a human corridor. It must have been nice. The security was tight, but the fanfare still went on.

Now let’s discuss this controversial issue. All of the men  polled (50) were regular readers of the blog. I did not ask them to reveal any demographic data but the majority of my readers are of African American descent. SO I feel that the survey was a safe catchment of the actual demographic.

Question One:



No comment=10%

Some of the intereting comments were:

  1. Why should race matter when two people love each other.
  2.  Black atheletes are not really trend-setters in my community.
  3. People have the right o marry who they want to in this economy.

Question Two:




It appears that most of the meal don’t really care about who Michael Jordan is marrying.

Question Three:



I found this VERY interesting. Although the data would have to be inconclusive because I did not query for the demographics of the people taking the brief survey.

Question Four:



An interesting comment was, “Only Black Media outlets are really taking issuen with his marriage.”

Question Five:



So in conclusion sisters, the brothers don’t really have a problem with dating outside of the race and culture. This seems to be more of a gender-specific issue. I did see some interestign comments that I would like to share with my readers;

  • “They (non-African American) woman are usually less confrontational.”
  • “I will never date another Black Woman!”
  • “I understand why Michael may have gone this way.”
  • “I am sure she had no issues with signing the pre-nuptial agreement.”
  • “My last African-American wife stabbed me.”

Well, I don’t know if I just sampled hte wrong fifty men or is their about to be a true-mixing of the cultures. I would love to hear some feedback on this post. It is a little controversial , so ladies let her rip.

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