My Pastor Still Spanks Me: Depression in the Church

DISCLAIMER: *The video above is in no way connected to the conversation below. It’s merely a clip sharing some insight on the principle of tithing.*


After I put up my post about intimacy-in the bedroom and being saved, it created quite a stir. As you all know occasionally, I will have a ghost writer or so, but I wrote that article myself. Immediately , the hits on the blog went up. Also, I began getting a lot of feedback from the saints in various denominations. However, there was one request for me to call a lady. I was very hesitant at first, but she shared that it was very important and there was information that she needed to share concerning my post. Needless to say, I became intrigued. I called her and this is an excerpt  from our conversation:











Me: Hello maim’ this is Dr.O

Caller: Hello

Me: I am returning your call as requested

Call: Thanks (sobbing)


Me: Did I offend you or something?


Caller: No


Me: Well, do you mind sharing with me what is your response to the post?


Caller: My married pastor still spanks me.


Me: What?


Caller: Haven’t you heard about this problem in the (blank-blank) church?


Me: Yes, but I thought that this was isolated in only one particular place.

Caller: Maybe so, but my pastor also controls us and if we don’t tithe or respond as he wishes, he spanks us.


Me: Males and Females?


Caller: No,only the females.


Me: Are you serious?


———The caller hung up______



All I can say is , WOW! Somethings you hear about but other things need to truly be exposed.

I dialed the number back, but of course there was no answer. I must confess that I have heard of a particular case like this but I was sure that it was isolated. This concerns me people.  A number of people have hit my site up in the past about the amount of control and manipulation going on in some of our African-American churches.

I thought that things had gotten a little better but maybe NOT! This little note is written specifically for the lady that reached out to me, leave that church and report him to the church’s leadership.  I don’t know what denomination you are a part of or if your church is independent, but evidently the earlier post brought some felling out of you. I am concerned and I will pray for you.



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