Teenager Attempts Suicide During First Period Class in Cincinnatti!

Alert!Alert!Alert! Suicide is the 3rd Leading Cause of Death in teenagers between the ages of 15-24 and the 4th Leading cause of death of teenagers between the ages of 10 and 14. This is serious. This morning a male student, at La Salle High School in Cincinnati,  went to his first period class, pulled out a gun and tried to take his life. People this is called suicide. The young man is now fighting for his life. The facts

  • All Male  Catholic School
  • Private School
  • Cincinatti, Ohio
  • Gun method
  • Teenager seriously injured

This is getting more and more serious. The first question that the school leadership ost probably will have to answer is, “How did a gun get into this school?” The authorities have noted that the student was trying to kill himself but no one has any further information. I am wondering was there a letter or any ques before the student attempted to take his life.


The question that many may ask, “How do we prepare ourselves for such tragedies.” I would like to offer prayer for this young man and some education for my readers.


First off, the most common reason for teenagers trying to kill themselves, is depression. I did an article, just last week on Childhood Depression @www.askdro.com and very few people read this post. I would admonish each of you to read that post and submit questions to me if you need more help or feedback on this issue.

I would like to share some other factors that may lead to suicide; (1)Separation and  Divorce of custodial parents, (2) Substance Abuse and or Dependence, (3) Poor School Performance, (4) Death of a close friend or family member,  and (5) Trauma and Abuse in the home.

This issue is very serious and we have to really be careful when children present sad. Remember those four categories (A) Physical Signs/Symptoms, (B) Cognitive Signs/Symptoms, (C) Emotional Signs/Symptoms and (D) Behavioral Signs and Symptoms. Please go to the post @www.askdro.com to review Childhood Depression more specifically.

Please be advised that we can treat Depression. We can start with outpatient therapy and medication management. We can move further to hospitalizations and or residential treatment if needed. What is important is that we must take this very serious. I am very saddened by what happened this morning. As a psychiatrist and as an American, I am concerned about what is happening in our country. We must take action against this disease, depression. Suicide is deadly and it has not taken a stronghold in our teenage population. Folks, this is serious. If you have a child and they appear in the least bit sad or depressed, please take this serious and seek help.

If you are in need of immediate help, please leave this post and call 911. Otherwise,if you have questions that your local primary care or mental health provider may be able to answer,please reach out as soon as possible.

Once again thanks for stopping by the bog and continue to surf the web @www.askdro.com for more information on this illness and many other mental illnesses that plague our society.




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