OMG!Chaos in the Sanctuary: 4 Stabbed in the Choir Loft During Service

I decided not to write on whose gay and whose not, just yet. However, there is another very serious issue that is happening. Did you know that on Sunday, during the final choir selection, a man jump over sevreall benches and stabbed four choir members at a church in Mexico. This is just ridiculous. The question is church, “Are we praying?”

This incident took place Sunday in Albuquerque, New Mexico at St. Jude Thaddeus Catholic Church.  He injured four church members to include the choir director, and the flutist. He actually hsad to be tackled and restraine by church members. There were actually a few others injured, but they did not have to go tot hte hospital. This is just too much. Now wasn’t it Easter Sunday, approximately 4 Sundays ago that a man walked into a C.O.G.I.C. and shot his father to death? Zion is anybody anywhere praying at this time. The church use to be a safe place, but it appears that the devil and lunacy has entered ye in to the tabernacle,also. I also have to mention what happened at Pastor Creflo Dollar’s Church last year. The devil has gone crazy and really lost his mind.

By the way, the young man that went to school and tried to kill himself, did it in a Catholic School.

During this guys attack, he continue his onslaught until tackled. It appears that there was no particular person targeted. I am just wondering , will we soon have to start locking our church doors after everyone is in for Sunday School?   Will we need the uniformed officers to guard the doors? Will our Pastors have to start packing? There is a current debate about gun control in our nation, but with the recurrent attacks in the church, where does this really lead us at this time.

Interview with Pastor Voss out of Carollton,TX on 4/30/13.

Question :Dear Pastor Voss What do you think is happening  in  America’s Churches?

Response:  “I believe what we are seeing is the results of powerless churches. I see this a lot on the mission field.

Question: What if any, are current remedies for what is happening physically in the church during services?(attacks and killings)

Response:”Well, even though service itself has to start with prayer. If people are praying through before service, it would be virtually impossible to be killed during service. We pray out of tradition, rather than until we breakthrough.”

Question: Do you believe that people are becoming more and more afraid to come out to physical church services?

Responses: Yes, terrified. Also, the Hartford Insurance Company (larger insurer of churches in America) is now requiring  that an armed  certified individual  be on-site during church services.

Question: Is this indicative of something happening in our world and culture?

Answer: :”I belive that this is the beginning of the church being persecuted form the outside. We are only familiar with internal conficts and fights. Right now the church is not strong enough to deal with what is going on in the atmosphere. We must go back to fasting daily, intercessory prayer and reading  a chapter a day in the New Testament, not the Old Testament Bible

Question: Are you available for teaching and training.

Answer: Yes, please forward your request to

C/O Pastor G.Voss

2765  E. Trinity Mills Road

Building 300

Carollton, TX 75006


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