Don’t Give-Up!

Today, I thought that I would just spend a little time encouraging readers not to give-up. There must be rain in each of our livesĀ in orderĀ for us to grow. However, occasionally it seems like life offers us a little more than we can contend with a one time. What should you do when things attempt to get out of control? Well, the answer is simple, do what worked last time.

In many instances you prayed and other times you actually cried. Either way you allowed God yo touch you at your point of concern. Into each of our lives, there are circumstances and problems that looked like that are too much at that exact moment. However, this is not a true statement. Usually when things get really tough, that inner self kicks in and faith becomes more evident. I have decided that ear and intimidation are my worse enemies. Yes, There are days when most of us may feel a little uneasy, but when we allow crisis to take over our very existence is when trouble rises.

There are a couple of secrets to success that many of us just need to be reminded of on today I would like to just reach back today and offer you a little help.

  1. Stay encouraged. Don’t give-up no matter what the problem, issues or diagnosis.
  2. Remain prayerful. This has worked for you in the past and it will surely help you through this next crisis.
  3. Look forward to release. Usually when there is about to be release in any of our lives, there is a little struggle.
  4. Don’t allow fear to take root. Fight this demon of despair. Sure, fear may come but you can not allow yourself to be over taken by the thoughts that couple with fear.
  5. Stand Strong. You have to stand strong and keep on moving. No matter how dark it may look or feel, still dance. This too will pass.

I just wanted to stop by and send some encouragement on today.



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