Here We Go Round In Circles: Chris B. and Rihanna Split Again!

The more things change, the more they stay the same. Once again, Mr. Brown has shared with the public that this up and down, ying and yang relationship has concluded.  I can only emphasize the vicious cycle of abusive relationships.  In my book “Am I in a Bad Relationship”  there is a section inspired by this emotional roller coaster of love relationship.  From the outside looking in you cant help but be intrigued,  with a bowl of popcorn, waiting for the next action scene of drama to take place.  In all honesty it is sad to see these young lovers go through such an unhealthy relationship. Especially with them being role models (By default) for our youth and on the forefront of Americas entertainment industry. What signals are these two sending to our younger generations? I hope little girls don’t start thinking that its okay to be physically abused as long as he is attractive and can sing very well.

You have probably read my other articles updating you on the latest Chris Brown and Bad Girl RiRi drama. But as entertaining as it may seem this is definitely an issue that we must address.  Even the Obama family has made it a priority to present themselves in a respectable light.  President Obama has also initiated funding to offer grants to programs which support healthy relationships among families and teaching proper methods of parenting.  For example the government is offering Pell Grants especially for fathers who are continuing their education. I believe Barack understands that a health family foundation is essential in an overall healthy life.

Instead of RiRi being an advocate for abused women or starting a foundation for battered single mothers, she turned to her offender and gave her morals away.  Just like a child, as long as you continue to reward bad behavior, they will continue to behave poorly.  As you can see Chris apparently has not changed.  “When someone shows you who they are…believe them.”   Chris was more focused on his birthday then reconciling any differences that he may have with the Pop Star.

Once you start to examine this situation from a different perspective a lot of issues come to light.  One of them being the factor of jealousy.  It is clear that the recent success of Rihanna is too much for Chris to handle.  Rihanna who is currently on world tour is probably receiving a lot of slack from Chris due to her hectic schedule and lack of time to cater to his insecure ego.  Just like in past entertainer relationships where the men’s careers went sour so did their attitudes. For Example: Tina Turner and Ike, Halle Berry and Eric Benet, Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee, Mel Gibson and Robyn, Robyn Givens and Mike Tyson, the list goes on.  So this is not news to us anymore.  We have all watched these tragic relationships unfold in the media.

The only fear I have about these type of relationships is when people harm themselves or others.  If you are currently in an abusive relationship seek help immediately.  Statistics state that it usually takes a woman 5 to 7 years to move on from an abusive relationship.  If you don’t care about your own well being at least care about the safety of your children and the everlasting affect that it may have on their lives.  If you have a minute take a look at my new book “Am I in a Bad Relationship” and hopefully it may be an anecdote to your current situation.


Enough Said,

Dr. O

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