How to Show Love on Mother’s Day


This Sunday we’ll celebrate the women who are responsible for pushing us out into the world, literally. Mother’s everywhere will be receiving flowers, home-made cards and gifts, jewelry and sentimental speeches that read “I love you mom because…” . While Mother’s Day is a time deemed for great gifts for moms, the gift(s) given should depend on the mother they’re for. Flowers are nice and most people think they’re a good gesture but some women don’t like flowers. They’d rather have a pair of shoes or their favorite collectible on special occasions. Plus, a gift doesn’t always have to be monetary or store bought. I know it’s cliche, but great gifts really do come from the heart. Therefore, I wanted to share some ideas on how you can make your mother feel on top of the world for her special day.

If your mother is artsy…

  • Take her to seeĀ  a live show. I often enjoy viewing plays and theater performances. If your mother is into this, this could make her day.
  • Write her a song (if you can’t sing, please borrow a voice from someone)
  • Make her a home-made gift. Be cautious with this one. You’re an adult so your gift shouldn’t look like a kindergarten project. Try to incorporate things that interest her and that would be easy to manipulate into something creative. For example, try and round up some things from her childhood (old school pictures, birthday cards, stuffed animals, clothing items) from your grandparents and other family members and put together a little time capsule or sorts for her. She probably will not have seen many of the items in years and reminiscing could make her day.

If your mother likes to travel…

  • Plan her a surprise trip to somewhere she’s always wanted to go but never got the chance to visit. Have all her things packed, and plane tickets ready so that when you tell her, she can jet off.
  • Take her to a cultural exhibit.
  • Pay for her to learn another language.

If your mom is adventurous…

  • Take her to do something that will really get her blood pumping like skydiving or snorkeling. Please keep in mind to consider your mom’s age when planning something like this. If she’s in tip top shape and has gotten approval from her doctor than bon voyage but if she has health concerns, try something a little more scaled back like just going to feed the fish at the aquarium lol.

If your mom is a “homebody”…

  • Bring the party to her. This is especially good if there are siblings and family members that live out of town. Invite all the kids and grand-kids over for dinner with all her favorite foods. You guys can play games, dance, watch movies, ( most likely fight) and just enjoy each others company like a mini family reunion. If she’s big on family gatherings, this may top off her year.

It’s the little things that count too…

Now, it’s not always about sending her somewhere, buying her an expensive gift (however I must say that if she enjoys the finer things in life and you’re in the position to give them to her, go-head and splurge a little bit on her), or having a party for her. Sometimes moms just need little stuff done like cleaning out their car, taking them to the grocery store, getting their hair done, help balancing their check book or just saying “I love you” and giving them a hug and kiss once in a while. Although Mother’s day is the world’s day to recognize mothers, it shouldn’t be the only day we celebrate. Once a woman becomes a real mother, her job is never done, even when the child(ren) become adults, there is always something left to be taught. So, we should celebrate our mothers every chance we get. Sure we may not always get along with them or agree with everything they do but at the end of the day, no one can take the place of your mother. A mother’s love is everlasting, so why not continue to acknowledge the women that will love us no matter what?

Dr. O

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