I Hate My Boss..But Need My Job to Survive and Live!

This has become one of the number one problems in America. What do you do when the relationship between you and a boss goes sour? Many of us just can’t leave, but this can lead to headaches and depression. It is ever so important to be happy on your job because when you are unhappy, this leads to problems with your performance since you really don’t want to be there in the first place.

People it is important now to interview your perspective employers. You may not want to get to bold by asking questions like, “What is your turnover rate?” However, you can ask questions like, “Is there a pretty good team to work with in your unit?” Sometimes that initial response from the interviewer is worth a thousand words. Also, make eye-contact with a couple of the staff as you walk in for the interview. They may give you a couple of cues and hints about the climate. Also, check out the feel of the place. Is it cold and quiet or is it light and cheery? Are people moving around sending off rather positive vibes or are people buried in the cubicles watching the clock and waiting for lunch. If you can, ask to talk to a couple of staff along without the immediate supervisor. Then you can be a little more frank and ask gingerly the questions that you really need to know before signing on the dotted line. Failure to scope out a perspective place of employment can be deadly and a health hazard. You can not imagine the number of persons coming in to see me secondary to occupational stress. Most time, even the most difficult job and or task can be made easy with the right leadership. However, when you hate that boss, things quickly fall apart and you may began to experience headaches and other anxiety-related disorders. So go ahead and eel the place out before you sign-up for failure. Believe it or not, you do have a choice and don’t sell yourself short.

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