Jesse Duplantis (White Minister) Comments on the African American Race… What do you think?

Well, this video is very interesting to say the least. I am hoping that you all listened to it in its entirety before making your comments. I am not quite sure of what the response will be, but I am hoping that we can start our discussion on the forum about this particular video. Do you agree with what he is saying in his remarks? Are you seeing the remarks as positive or negative? Are we as a race still sensitive when non-African-Americans attempt to dress-up the brutality of slavery?

I am of the personal opinion that sometimes we have to process through what the response will be. First, I am not totally sure of the point of his remarks but on the wrong day, I might be a little offended. I am sure that we all would agree that race-relations ain’t all that kosher in America. Many of you (African0American) readers may just be having problems on your job today. This probably wasn’t a good day to post this video collage. I am still not sure of the overall goal of his statements. Were they to affirm, inspire, or just… what? It kinda left an empty feeling in my stomach. For example, I can’t really talk about some of the ill of other races without drawing clear lines of comparison and contrast, as well as, citing specific data. I don’t think he meant to be inappropriate but it took me several listens to really get the essence of what I think he is saying. Now , I guess the problem here is that he is not a Bishop T.D. Jakes (Dallas, TX)or Bishop Paul S.Morton (Atlanta,GA). Is this what is causing me some difficulty? Why do I feel a certain kind a why? Is this an attempt to relate to our struggles, hardships and pain? Can a non-African American person do that in a short video clip without offending the masses?

I never really push for feed back or comments, but I really want to get a forum and discussion started on this post. If you would be so kind as to leave a comment or two on your response after you have listened, I would greatly appreciate it. Please do this for me this time. I never really beg for response to a post, but this time, I need to hear from several if not all readers. This video is interesting to say the least. Before you leave a comment, please take the opportunity to just listen one more time. It does indeed take a few moments to process. I must share, I am in no way trying to offend anyone of any color but I do know that certain topics, such as slavery and black-on-black crime are very sensitive. Take the opportunity to listen, process and then respond. If you would like to send a question out to the group, feel free to do so. I am still a little puzzled and again I am not sure what the goal of the speech was when he decided to lean us his hear. I am also not sure that he knew someone would record it and let it go out into the atmosphere of the ever so sensitive media and its constituents.

Dr. O

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