OMG! Say it Aint So… 4 Morehouse Students Arrested for Sexual Assault

Say it ain’t so…. This is what happens when you admit any and everyone into your institution of higher learning.  Yes,In am of the opinion that Morehouse has changed its admission standards and now we are becoming the subject of media take-outs every six months.  I will defend my Alma Mater,  Morehouse College but I  can not and will not defend the behaviors and actions of these 4 young men.  It is an embarrassment to the institution, even more during this time, just weeks before Morehouse welcomes the first African American President of the United States to speak at commencement services. Now of course, these are only allegations at this date, but were there is smoke, I am sure there is a little fire. Students being arrested for “sexual assault.” I am appalled at the very mention of this allegation. This comes on the heels of the fight on the Basketball court with a Clark University student just months ago.

Now, we have a new President and it is my opinion that he is not going to tolerate the foolishness and nepotism that has existed at my Dear Ole’ Morehouse. President  John Wilson, Jr. it is clean-up time. It appears that our school has entered into the dark ages, but out of oblivion we shall rise. Yes, I am angry because you know that this issue is going to be spread like wildfire all over the HBCU community and Academic Community as a whole. The details are somewhat sketchy but you can beat your bottom dollar,I will personally keep you posted on this issue.


Here are the facts so far:

  •  According to reports, 4 Morehouse College students were arrested in April for sexual assault.
  • CBS Atlanta is reporting that, “Malcolm Jamal Frank, Tevin Mgbo, Chukwudi Ndudikwa, and Lucien Kidd were arrested in April.”
  • The Atlanta Police Department told Cascade Patch that they were not involved with the arrest or investigation, and that Morehouse Police took the lead.
  • The AJC reported that, “Ndudikwa, Frank and Kidd were all charged with rape.  Mgbo was charged with sodomy, kidnapping and reckless conduct.”
  • Frank, Ndudikwa, and Mgbo were arrested on April 11 and Kidd was arrested on the 15th.


My head is bloodied but unbowed,

Dr O Morehouse 89′

See Morehouse College News Release

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