Shh! A Stranger is in the Bedroom:Pornography

This stranger sneaks in without most of you even knowing it. He comes in on a regular basis and can take over your sex  and marriage life. He sometimes start as an innocent bystander, but then he seeks to take control. People are initially uncomfortable and or shy when he enters, but if you let your guard down you will usually become a little more comfortable with him. He comes in all shapes and colors, gay or straight and even short and fat. If you are not careful, he will remove your significant other  or spouse out of the bedroom for good. He comes in flavors from vanilla to strawberry. You have to watch him because he destroys even the strongest relationship. By now most of you are wondering just who is this powerful he that can’t almost take control of our lives-THE ADDICTION to PORNOGRAPHY.

This addiction, better known in psychiatry as an obsession, can lead one into the compulsive behavior of masturbation and sometimes sexual deviant behaviors such as voyeurism. (Voyeurism is he sexual interest or practice of spying on people engaged in intimate behaviors. Taken from Wikipedia) You have to really be careful with this addiction. It can be as powerful as crack/cocaine and enticing as a hot fudge sundae on a cold summer day. (catch the irony in that statement) I have to caution both the sinner and the saint concerning this issue. For in my practice, I have seen it in all denominations and in both sexes,as well. . I have had some patients that would have to leave work to catch a video or go to a peak-a-boo spot. I have had to treat a few pastors who were possessed with this addiction, also.  This stranger is powerful and it usually takes a medical intervention by a licensed physician when things really get bad. Also ladies please be careful with the use/overuse of sex toys because they can also lead to addictive behaviors and destroy your marriage. Likewise both males and females, be careful with the masturbation  trick to as it can also get you into relationship trouble.

If you need a little more help with this topic, please pick up my book There is a chapter that deals specifically with this issue-Sexual Addiction.

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