The Silence is Broken: Spelhouse Relationships Under Fire!

This was a very moving interview for me. The students were very vivid and candid with me. I must say I really learned a lot. All three of them were very articulate, informed and educated. I was forced to listen to their passion. I was forced to understand where they were coming from today. I was forced to open my hear to my young Spelman Sisters and Morehouse Brother. I have done a lot of interviews and videos in the past, but none more important than this one.

I could feel their heaviness as they began to share. I had to hold back my tears because I just did not know what they shared. Yes, it is real and what they shared was that even though we saw this in our small Morehouse-Spelman world, the problems of sexual violence and sexual harassment is much better than what we have been talking about lately. The “Silence was Broken for Me.” I thank God for this opportunity to sit and be educated. To sit and feel. To sit and not be judgmental. To sit and feel someone else’s pain. They forced me to come out of my world in Buckhead and come into the reality of what is theirs world. They told me, in so many words, remove the veil off of your eyes and allow the clock to go tick-tock.

Take Home Point for me

  • We need to have more open discussions on college campuses about this issue

If you need to talk confidentially, my office is available for you. Please call us at 404-575-4785. I have also written a book , “Am I in a Bad Relationship?” It can be found at It only really touches the surface of what has been revealed to us in the media and through this.  Please check out my article about the sexual assault allegations  entitled: OMG! Say it Aint So… 4 Morehouse Students Arrested for Sexual Assault



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