When ALL Hell Breaks Loose! Depression, Failing Relationships and Unemployment

This is a very common saying in our community, but what does it really mean. God is good all the time.  However, occasionally a saint may wonder if he has left them for just a few minutes. The answer is no! When tragedy strikes, when death comes, when the pink slip is passed to you or when you get bad news from your doctor, that is the critical time to activate your faith. As an elder, I would like to propose a set of new terminology; active faith and passive faith.


Passive Faith


In my opinion this might be what one would have when all is going well in the home, family and church life.  Your are attending church services, most of the time and you really enjoy your church and pastor. Things at home are good. The finances are good. Sex is on the regular and everybody is just “feeling” good in your opinion. This is also most probably surrounding graduations, birthday parties and even weddings. You have a relationship with God but there ain’t a whole lot of active pursuit. You know what I mean. I am talking about you do just enough to get by and accomplish that weekly spiritual high. You might shout or dance in the service on Sunday, but it is all related to how you feel. Bible study is on your scheduled agenda, but you might be a little tired so if you miss one, you feel like you will be o.k.


Active Faith


Now this one is a little different. This one usually occurs “when all things are seemingly falling apart in your personal life.” This could be as small as a speeding ticket, flat tire and no money to pay for it, a sick child that has the doctors shaking their head because they can”t give you the answers you want to hear. What about a crazy and or abusive spouse that changed 2 years into the marriage.  What about that notice that you will not get an unemployment check this week. What about that physics or chemistry class that seems almost impossible to pass. What about that depression that lingers on and on and on. What about that broken family relationship that you can’t seem to repair. This is when your faith has to be more active. Even the strongest believer, gets weary. Even the preacher might get depressed. The evangelist may hang up her/his robe. The choir member’s notes may even go flat. However, please be advised, although silent in your pain, God is still there. Remember the old saying that, “into each life some rain must fall.” However, I believe that rains comes to wash out the pain, pollen and pests that may have infected and affected our spiritual life.  When trouble comes, your faith has to become more active. You can’t give-up on God, but he will not give-up on you. Some of you are called to a life of prayer (intercessory prayer warrior) so you no what it means to be committed to a life of prayer, But let’s be honest, everyone is not called to be an intercessory prayer warrior. These persons have chosen praying as a lifestyle. However, you should be alarmed.   What do I do when ALL Hell Breaks Loose?

  1. Don’t panic, Stand strong in your faith.
  2. Read and study God’s word more in this period. Look for solutions in his word.
  3. Look forward to god provided you with release.

And most of all, stay faithful. This is not the time to slack off, stop attending church, stop exercising, or time to go into seclusion. Put on those spiritual boxing-gloves and meet the devil head-on. Remember, each battle makes you stronger. In conclusion, a  lot of you are sitting in a bad relationship. Do me a favor go pick-up my e-book at www.askdro.com. This little handbook can really help you get through some of this cycle of abuse and pain that many of you are stuck in.   Good Day and thanks for stopping by,   DrO

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