Are You Offended By the Black Baby Accessory?

Every child needs love, there’s no doubt about that and adoption is a way to help ensure that some of those children in the world lacking a loving home, receive a stable home life and care-givers. Adults who just want to be parents but are unable to or those who prefer to start a family alone, are probably less likely to care what ethnicity their adopted child is but then again, some do have a preference.

Take celebrities for instance. In the video above, TMZ pokes fun at the tendency of White celebrities adopting Black babies as if it were a fad or fashion statement. Sandra Bulluck, Madonna, Angelina Jolie and Charlize Theron, just to name a few, all have children of African American decent. To be fair, Angelina also has adopted children of Asian decent along with her three natural children so her spectrum is a little wider.

The video makes it seem as if Caucasian celebrities adopt Black kids to try and eliminate any residual “White Man’s guilt that might be lingering within. To be fair, TMZ does sort of have a point, but at the same time I can see how this video can also be offensive to some people too. It certainly happens, Black people or celebs adopting White kids (Lionel Richie adopting Nicole Richie and Tom Cruise adopting Conner Cruise) but now it seems to be pointed out as more of an issue with videos such as this. Especially when the content makes it seem like White people in general, don’t really have a person of color’s best interest at heart and only wants to appear as if they mean well. African- Americans are all to familiar with this as too, the whole “I’m not a racist bit” because you voted for Obama.

Do you find this video offensive or a funny way of telling the truth? We say this type of stuff shouldn’t matter anymore but obviously from the video it does. Do you think people, White, Black or other minorities feel obligated to prove the other wrong by trying too hard not be racist or attempting to over achieve in everything so that you’re not labeled a statistic?

What do my readers really think of this video? Are you offended by the Black baby accessory? Would this have gone over as smoothly with the public if the races were reversed?

Dr. O

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