Man with 22 Kids, at Least 17 Baby Mammas and No Job Says He’s Mentoring People

This is what takes the Black community back as a whole and why our Black men are stereotyped and generalized to no end. This video, featuring 33 year old Orlando Shaw, is embarrassing to say the least and the Black man in general doesn’t need another reason for society to pre-destin them as a failure. First off, he calls his kids his “siblings” what? Clearly a poor word choice. Then he says that he’s MENTORING people because he doesn’t have a job. In what world is this an example to be looked up too and what in the world is he teaching his “mentees”?

I’m literally flabbergasted at the fact that he also confesses that he’s a criminal on television and that when the news anchor asked him why he didn’t use contraception he blamed it on being too “ambitious and young”. Again, what?  Ambitiously horny I guess. It’s also apparent that the news anchor is kind of making fun of the man by his tone and gestures and asking him if he could name all of his kids but the man doesn’t seem to notice.

What gets me is how 17 WOMEN decided to have relations with a man who can fill up a bus with the number of kids he has. In a minute he’ll be like TLC’s Duggar family. I can see it now, “Single Black Man, 22 Kids and Counting”. This man is unemployed and caring for one child can be a hard enough expense to maintain so how do you think a single, unemployed man who is clearly lacking good sense, will be able to financially care for at least 18 children?

Finally, of course Orlando is unable to pay child support, from which he owes tens of thousands of back pay, as his interview is taking place in front of a court house. And since he can’t financially support his kids, that means it’s the tax payers job to pick up his slack.

What do my readers think about this? Some of you may remember Atlanta rapper Shawty Lo having his reality show cancelled by the Oxygen network, which featured his multiple baby mamas and at least ten kids. Maybe Shawty Lo’ should join Orlando so they can join  forces and form a mentoring program together lol.

A ratchet interview indeed.

Dr. O

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