Miley Cyrus Out Of Control!

Miley Cyrus out of control! She’s not daddy’s little girl anymore. Former Hanna Montana Star, Miley Cyrus had a rough time trying to get away from that imaged but as of now she is far gone from it. Recently she made the cover of top 100 sexist people with half of her butt cheek hanging out After her music video can’t be tamed came out that was her coming out of her shell and now she is definitely out of it.

She also attended Rapper Juicy J Concert where she appeared on stage and began to start twerking (a dance where you gyrate and move your hips and shake your butt) many question is she back lashing at her father for keeping her under his wing for too long. It is said that when children are not given freedom at the appropriate time once they finally do get a feel of freedom it will be too late! Others say that it’s great for Miley to get away from the image her father wanted and become her own woman and handle her own business. Now that she has went her own way many critics try and make Miley look like a terrible person, comparing her to another famous singer Taylor Swift.

Taylor Swift is appeared a golden girl and Miley is appeared as the out of control daughter of a country star. The point talk show host Wendy Williams pointed out was that Taylor swift has had many boyfriends off and on And that Miley has had one in which she was engaged to . Could it be that because Miley has such a in your face hypothetically speaking or a edgy attitude that her appearance makes others believes a certain way about her could it be that deep down she is really a sweetheart and artist like Taylor Swift could be faking.

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