No Longer “Gone with the Wind” Fabulous-RHOA Kenya Moore is Being Evicted from her Mansion

The Real Housewives of Atlanta are just having a tough time after the series this year. First Porsha Stewart was ambushed by Kordell’s divorce notice and  now Ms. Kenya Moore has hit a bump in the road. She can’t find a decent man, it’s been speculated that she’s somewhat mentally disturbed and now she’s about to be homeless! According to Radar Online, Moore’s Roswell Georgia mansion got a pink slip on it’s door by the sherrif’s department last week. Unfortunately, this news will be a surprise to Kenya (maybe not now, with internet and all lol) because Radar reported that she hasn’t been home.

According to Radar, her landlord is evicting her for the “$3999-a-month six bedroom and six bathroom mansion”   she has failed to make the proper payments on.

As reported by Radar Online:

According to documents filed in Fulton County, Ga., Kenya failed to make the full rent payment for May — she was $848 short — and also defaulted on the terms and conditions of the lease…along with more than$2500 in eviction fees and damages.

Oh Kenya! What happened to all your movie deal and stolen donkey booty idea money? This is NOT “Gone with the Wind” fabulous. This news just adds to Kenya’s tumultuous first season on the RHOA in my opinion. She was dogged by her possibly fake boyfriend Walter, who kept showing up throughout the season, she didn’t get her “back end” from Phaedra and now she’s been kicked out theb house she can’t afford. I guess the question of her returing for a second season will depend not only on producers actually wanting her back but if she will have a house to be a “non-housewife” in.

To top things off, Radar also reported that she moved into the upscale neighborhood to film the show and other resident’s complained that she’s a horrible neighbor. How you not gon’ be able to pay your bills and be nasty to people too?

It would seem like the money she made from the show might be able to cover her expenses but I guess trying to keep up a house you really cannot afford while you’re technically not even staying there will eat at one’s expenses.

Kenya has until June 7 to address the problem with her landlord.

Where are those Miss USA perks when you need them? Do you thinki some of the other housewives will step in to help or has Kenya burned all of her bridges?
Dr. O

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