“Stand Your Ground” or “Kill at Will”?

How does a quick trip to a local convenience store end in the death of another black teenager?¬†According to MSNBC and the Huffington Post, 17 year old Jordan Davis and two friends were sitting in the parking lot of the store waiting for a third friend to leave from purchasing snacks when they were approached by 45 year old Michael Dunn. Dunn, who admitted to having “a few drinks” earlier in the night had a complaint about the volume of the music being played inside the SUV. Dunn told the teens to turn down their music and when they refused, he fired eight shots into the SUV, two of them hitting and killing Davis. Dunn, accompanied by his girlfriend, fled the scene. A witness got his license plate information, turned it in to the police and he was arrested the next day, over 160 miles away. In fact, Dunn didn’t even know that someone had died until he saw it on the news the next morning.

After being arrested and charged with first degree murder and three counts of attempted murder, Dunn’s lawyer now claims that Dunn saw a shotgun in the vehicle and that the teens “threatened to kill him”. As a result, he feared for his life and according to Florida law has the right to “Stand His Ground”.¬†This incident happened in November 2012, but is gaining public attention because of the controversial Stand Your Ground law. In addition, the comparisons to the Trayvon Martin murder are almost inevitable and undeniable.

Celebrities are taking a stand against this law and refusing to perform in Florida and other states that enforce the “Stand Your Ground” law which many are justifiably calling the “kill at will” law. According to the urban daily, artists who refuse to perform in these states are Stevie Wonder, Justin Timberlake, Alicia Keys, Usher, Madonna, Rihanna, Trey Songz and dozens of others.

It’s good to see people trying to make a difference, but the question remains, how many of our children have to die before we see real change?

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