Is Your Job a Dead End Street and Making You Sick?

  • A lot of people really hate their jobs and can’t seemingly find their way out. This means your job is a dead end street. Here are a couple of signs that you just might hate your job:
  1. You find it increasingly more difficult to get up each morning.
  2. You usually get a headache as soon as you pull onto the campus.
  3. The sight of your supervisor makes you  nauseated.
  4. You are afraid to take a vacation because you may not come back.
  5. Your computer is not workign properly and you then realize that you have not cut it own.
  6. Your forget to put on deodarant.
  7. Your have diarrhea when just thinking about the place.
  8. You find yourself surfing the net, eventhough you could be terminated.
  9. You arrive late intentionally several times a month.
  10. At this point, you really don’t care if you get FIRED.

If you are experiencing a lot of the above signs/symptoms as well as a chronic headache that falls daily when you walk into your workplace, youmust take action.

Here is a step-by-step approach to get out.


  • See what options you have for transfers or promotion. (sometimes a change in atmosphere will do you just great)
  • Re-Invent yourself. (go back to school, take a couple of classes online or get some life-coaching)
  • Start an exercise program daily.
  • Take a spontaneous inexpensive trip to a place that you have never been for vacation.(Be sure your leave is approved)
  • Pray and Seek God for spiritual guidance./ (This should actually be done first)
  • Uncloud your personal life. (get rid of the dead weight and bad relationships)
  • Re-arrange your office furniture or desk.
  • Ask for a raise and some “new” job responsibilities
  • If he above faily, start seek out new career opportunities or become self-employed.(be a risk taker if those savings look o.k. and you can take sometime to “find” yourself or next opportunity)

It is becoming incrasinlgy important to get into the “STRESS FREE ZONE!” You have to began making the necessary changing

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