Michelle Williams Joins Love is Louder

Between recording her fourth solo album, shooting the pilot episode for her reality show and touring with the Broadway musical Fela, it seems that Michelle Williams has her plate full. Regardless of her schedule, Williams still found time to join the Love is Louder movement.

loveislouderLove is Louder is a movement dedicated to helping empower young people to focus their energy on positive people and things. It was started by the Jed Foundation, Brittany Snow and MTV. According to the LoveisLouder.com, the goal of the movement is to help any one who feels mistreated, abused or alone. Williams and the organization conquer topics like bullying, discrimination and loneliness.

In a recent interview, Williams opened up about her own struggles with depression so it seems fitting that she work to help others dealing with the same issues.

Other celebrities who have joined the movement are Ke$ha, Jason Mraz and Miley Cyrus. The message the organization wants everyone to understand is that regardless of what you’re going through, help is available and love is louder than the pain.

If you or someone you know is dealing with feelings or issues and you’re not quite sure how to handle them, please contact the offices of Dr. Dwight A. Owens, M.D., F.A.P.A. for help.


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