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Day in and day out I see numerous patients with elevated BP. Since I h ave started taking vitals in my Psychiatric Practice, you can’t even imagine some of my experiences with patients regarding this matter. Just last week I was fired by a patient because I insisted that she follow-up with her PCP regarding her recurrent elevated BP readings in my office. She replied, “My mind has nothing to do with my body.” She then walked out of my office and went to the front desk to request that her medical records be forwarded to another physician. There is the age old question that I need to clear up before moving forward in this blogpost?

What is the difference between a Psychiatrist and a Psychologist? Here is the difference..

A Psychiatrist must be a licensed physician in America. He/she must have obtained a M.D. (Medical Doctorate Degree) and passed a series of medical licensing examinations. Therefore, a psychiatrist has the same basic credentials as your primary care doctor or internist. In essence, he or she is just like a surgeon who just specialized in one specifis area of medicine.

Now, lets get back to the BP issue. Why is this such an issue? Although much attention has been give to HIV/AIDS, Breast and Prostate CA, essential hypertension is still and issue in most communities, especially the African-American community. What is Essential Hypertension? This is just the genetic form of hypertension that most

Courtesy of www.control-your-blood-pressure.com

Courtesy of www.control-your-blood-pressure.com

Blacks have that usually requires medical attention. Of course, many of you reading this post may NOT like taking medications but some potions are a necessary evil. I don’t want to bore you with a long post about this issue, but my question remains the same, “Do you know what your Blood Pressure is today?” If not, stop by your local pharmacy and or fire stationa nd get it checked.









Signs/Symptoms of an elevated Blood Pressure

Fluid Retention


Chest Pain

Numbness and Tingling in Left-Arm* (possile medical emergency)



Skin Dicoloration

Blood Vessels in the whites of eyes


These are just a few. Now, if your mother and or father had blood pressure problems or any form/kind of heart disease, it is event more important for you to check your BP regularly. Also,get an annual check-up regularly with lab work. The life you save may be your very own.


By the way, being in a bad relationship can elevate that Blood Presssure too. Have your purchased a copy of my book yet, “Am I in a Bad Relationship?” If not, do so today.


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