Would You Take Your Partner Up on a “Free Pass” in Your Relationship?

Many ATLiens are furious over the scandalous behavior that some of the city’s reality stars on Love and Hip Hop Atlanta have been displaying lately, i.e Rasheeda’s husband Kirk Frost supposedly cheating on her and her very pregnant self!

If you watched last week’s episode, Kirk told a fellow cast member that he basically had a “free pass” in his marriage (that was reiterated by his last minute side chick) to do whatever he wanted, with who ever he wanted to do it with.

First of all, the “free pass” is not free. Remember, nobody gets a free lunch! If you and your significant other are in a rocky season in your relationship, one or both of you are likely to say some things that you shouldn’t or don’t really mean, which is what I’ve gathered from Kirk and Rasheeda’s current relationship woes on the show. Rasheeda may have said that Kirk could do what whatever he wanted to and that she was going to “go about her business” as usual, but I doubt that she really wanted her husband of over 10 years and father to her kids to just walk out and decide that he wants a break from marriage and all the commitments that come with it.

Secondly, while there are some exceptions, such as “open relationships” (that’s another post), cheating is NEVER okay. If you’re in a committed relationship, especially a marriage, you should never feel as though it’s okay to step outside of that union even if you do get the so-called permission of a “free pass”. If anything, I believe Rasheeda was testing Kirk when she told him he could do whatever he wants. Clearly, we all watched him fail the test on our TV screens last week.

Personally, I think calling the bluff of a “free pass” is petty and weak on whoever chooses to use it. It’s like you just throw away years of hard work in your relationship for the cheap reward of one night’s  satisfaction. It’s no secret that infidelity is committed everywhere, everyday but if in the heat of the moment, your partner dangles a “free pass” in your face, your love and commitment to that person should tell you “don’t take it”. No good can come from it. You might enjoy it’s benefits now but you’ll regret it later.

Kirk, you were wrong for taking that “pass”.  What do my readers think? Would you take your partner up on a free pass in your relationship?

Dr. O

Picture source: http://blog.vh1.com/2013-07-01/poll-did-rasheeda-really-give-kirk-the-okay-to-cheat/

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