Beyoncé’s father’s baby mama apologizes!

It’s been nearly 4 years since Beyoncé’s father Mathew Knowles got caught in an affair that rocked the Knowles family, added to their bloodline, and eventually ended his 31-year marriage to Tina Knowles when she filed for divorce shortly after news of the affair went public. Now, 4 years, a “secret” 3-year-old son and an entirely new marriage later, daddy Matty is about to have ish hit the fan all over again. Beyoncé’s father’s baby mama apologizes! Here is what she said…..“It is with a heavy heart we must head back to Superior Court to continue the fight for the rights of my son Nixon Knowles, who has proven to be Mathew Knowles’ biological son. My family and I have exhausted every non-legal avenue to urge Mathew to be a responsible father and to follow the stipulated judgment we reached together, which was approved by California’s Superior Court.

“We have attempted to appeal to him and his team to adhere to that agreement and the court’s stipulated judgment in regard to our son’s education, outstanding medical expenses and other issues, with the hopes of keeping this situation private, considering all parties involved. Unfortunately, we have been unsuccessful with any sort of private negotiation.

“I am deeply saddened that our personal business is being aired in such a public forum. As a result of false statements made by sources very close to our situation, rumors and innuendos are openly being spread about my son and me. Naturally the negative words affect both of our families, children and careers. Therefore, I find it unavoidable to remain silent.

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