Dr.O, “I Love My Man Eventhough He Ain’t Got No Job!”

(open letter to Dr.Owens)

Dear Dr.O,

I need your help with this problem.

I am wandering if it is somthing wrong with me because I don’t care that my man has no job. You see, he is a convicted felon and it is very hard for him to get something right now with the economy. He went down for a charge and spent 10 years in prison. However, we meet online while he was in prison and I rally believe that I love him.

I work a full-time job (40 hours) and sometimes I sit with an elderly lady on weekends.( 12-16 hours) I get a little tired but it is o.k. He keeps the house clean and he is also a fairly good cook. He does the oil changes on my car and fixes things around the apartment.  And the sex, is really off the chain. I had never had an orgasm until he came into my life. Last week, I had two in one night. He makes my toes curl and weave stand-up. LOL

My family has really began to pressure me about this issue.  He has been out for about 2 years and he is trying to find something. He almost had a job at McDonald’s but after the background check he was immediately fired. My family feels that he is just using me. I don’t think so, but they are all up in my business.

How do you think I should handle this issue?

Macon, GA


Dear Cheryl,

You really have to keep your family out of your business and make your own decisions. However, you need to set some Vocational goals for your man with timelines. Are you all married/ You did not explicitely state this in the letter. I will not tell you to let go of your happiness, but sometimes we people get comfortable that will stay that way.

Good Luck,

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