Is Your Relationship Falling Apart? AkDrO wants to Help

The first part of treatment is recognition of the disease or distress. A lot of  failing relationships and marriages usually start on a slippery slope downward before hitting rock-bottom. Is your relationship falling apart? Why do we simply ignore those little signs that might be cues to the demise of our relationships? The answer is simply this, DENIAL! Many of us don’t want to face the fact that our relationship or marriage may be ending. Here is a quick test that may signal relationship trouble for you and your current relationship.

  1. Falling asleep while your significant other is talking or attempting to communicate with you.
  2. Failure to respond to texts or phone-messages wihtin a 2-3 hour time-frame.
  3. Wanting to decrease the amount of time you spend alone with your friend.
  4. Lack of the desire for intimacy or intimate moments with that special friend.
  5. Wandering eyes.

Now if you have any of the above symptoms, waht should you do.

  • Deal with any unresolved conflicts head-on.
  • Address issues that keep coming-up over and over again.
  • Stop talking to your single/divorced friends about your relationship.
  • Stay out of the chat rooms.
  • Leave the pornography alone.

Believe it our not those are just a few simple solutions that can really help you quickly address some situations. I have to share this because some people jump out of the frying pan right into the fire. The things is, “You know your current spouse, lover and friend.”  In most instances they have really been there for you so why throw all of that away for something that looks and smells new. The challenge that most of us have is relatively simple, “Keeping it Real.”   Life is difficult and when you have a drama-charged relationship that makes things even more difficult. So, if he/she missed one of your phone-calls don’t automatically think the worst, simply ask, “Honey you must have dozed off a little early last night.” many times that soft answer or ginger inquiry keeps down a lot of confusion. However, if it is continuous, you might need to address that situation.

Now if you are wandering if your relationship is headed for the rocks, pick-up my book, “Am I in A Bad Relationship?” This is a useful tool that has a got a lot of good reviews.

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