Judge Joe Brown Pissy drunk and going off!

When his name is mentioned they speak of his TV. show in high regard as anyone would judge Judy! Judge Joe Brown Pissy drunk and going off!  When asked about the program, which got cancelled back in March, Brown blurted out, “I do not do that bullsh*t court TV show anymore. What was he drinking let him tell it a little gin and tonic. Two attractive young women took pictures with the intoxicated Brown numerous times. At one point he said he needed some granddaughters who looked like them. Then went on to show the young men and women who were there a picture in his phone of his gorgeous 50 year old wife. Almost immediately after sowing them the picture the two young ladies came back for another picture. That’s when in the middle of the picture the drunk brown said “c’mon hell make a old man feel young again”. With all the things said I wonder how his wife will feel when she finds out because it is a trending topic on World star hip hop and on gossip sites.


“When people make mistakes, activity in a part of the brain responsible for monitoring behavior increases, essentially sending an alarm signal to other parts of the brain indicating that something went wrong,” said researcher Bruce Bartholow, PhD. Investigators discovered the brain’s “alarm signal” in response to errors was significantly dampened in those who had consumed alcohol, and the response was largest for those in the placebo (without alcohol) group. However the way we act after consuming alcohol all depends on the person and how much they consume some people can drink a lot and be happy and others may drink a lot and pass out or be violent. Some people drink only a little and they become buzzed however others might drink a little and get angry. It all depends on how the person responds Alcoholic beverages are not good for us but for some people they especially just are not good for at all!

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